March 23, 2007

Shaw vacation a success

On March 4th we left for sunny Florida and stayed til March 21st.
We had awsome weather. Not a bad day the whole time. Marks parents have a place down there so we just get there and they keep us. We saw dalphins swimming in the ocean near us while we were at the beach. Mark and Kyler went to see an NHL hockey game in Tampa on the 20th. Kyler really enjoyed that. Mark and I had a date night and went out for supper at a place called Sharkys on the Pier. We look forward to that when we go down. Alot of the time I just sat in the sun watching the kids play in the pool listening to a worship tape on the I guess I'm a sun worshiper. hahahahahahh
It was very nice to go away to the sun but it was a long time without my friends. A bit lonely at times. I missed you friends!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!