April 20, 2007

Hello sunshine !!!!!!

Another beautiful day of sunshine......yaaaaaahhhhoooo. I want to put my laundry out on the line. I want to arrange my lawn chairs on my deck. I want to plant a beautiful array of flowers around my yard. I want to open all of my windows and smell fresh cut grass. I want to be the one riding the riding lawn tracker around the yard listening to Chris Tomlin on my walkman. I wanna lay in the grass with my kids and imagine cloud shapes........ Oh no....!!!!.......

The clothes line isn't hooked up yet. The deck is still in the middle of my yard because of the renovate. The flowers would die if I planted them yet. I really can't open the window for more than 30 minute just to air out the place and I won't smell fresh cut grass and I won't be the one cutting grass yet either. If I lay on the ground I will stilll get muddy and likely get sick......Oh bother....!!!!!!!

Well let me see...... I can just go out side and feel the sun on my hair and smell the smell of spring trying to warm up. I can take my kids out and play a game of catch or basketball. I can still play Chris Tomlin on the walkman and of all things WALK... oh my . I can clean up my gardens so I can have them ready to plant. I can get out the riding toys that its been to muddy to get out. I can wash my window so the sun can shine in to its fullest.(not that my window are filthy enough to stop sun rays....oh you know what I mean) I can BBQ my lunch and that always smells awsome ...... I have to go I have some sun to worship. Ohhh don't frown at me like that I'm not worshiping the sun itself. When I was in Florida I layed in my lawn chair by the pool listening to worship music on my walkman..... so I kept saying Im a sun worshiper. LOL

Have a beautiful sun worshiping day .