May 05, 2007

Graditude Saturday

I have finally gotten to post on a graditude saturday.......I am thankful to God for loving me unconditional.

1. my husband(who loves me)
2. my children (who are my joy) friends (who never let me forget what's important)
4. Lindsey and Mason (my neice and nephew that I love very much)
5. Their mother Amy (who let me go to Lindseys birthday party today
and is letting me have them two weekends this month)
6.the sun on my face and eyes that see the beauty of summer coming.
7. my blogging friends and all the great things I get to read.You are all a blessing
8. my health.
9. Chris Tomlin(for sun worshipping, housework, driving in my van, sad days and glad days
10. My mother who raised me to love God and to have a good set of values.