July 11, 2008

Mom's Pride stikes again.

On June 19th my baby graduated from Cornerstone Christian Academy. What a happy-sad day. What a beautiful young lady my daughter has become, inside and out.
She has received a few awards at graduation and also was voted as valedictorian of her graduating class. This is the words of my daughter on the night of her graduation.......
I have been at Cornerstone since Senior Kindergarden and loved every minute of it. Now that this time has come, I am both excited for what lays ahead but sad to leave so much behind.
The times we as a class have shared are irreplaceable. We've laughed and cried. We've fought, we've encouraged and we've prayed. Through the years we have grown close to each other and will be engraved in each others hearts.
Many memories have been made and shared but a few stand out. Our tributes to our neighbours in Napanee. Baking, raking, shoveling and helping out. Our reality projects including inheriting a house to furnish under a budget. Buying and keeping a car gased and lawfully driveable. We shared our parents pain in the price of gas everyday. A hugging contest to get over our nerves for our hugging scenes in this years musical. Each of our class trips and playing pranks on each other over the past two years. Notably the girls and Mrs. Mutch have won.
As most of you know we have also had the privilege of having a great new teacher brought into our lives. Ms Merrimen, with her many memories were made.
She taught us the "Moose song", which I'm sure will stay with us longer than any science class. And most of all her laugh. I honestly don't remember a class where we didn't laugh about something. Either with her or at her. Her often mistakes in grammar, which include telling Ty to die. On course we were told that they both sound the same and could easily be missaid. And learning about the Manifest Destiny or is it Man against Destiny? She has brought so much laughter into our class.
Ever since I was very young I have had a dream, a dream to change the world. I hope to make the laws under Gods word. Keep prayer in decision making. Help establish to poorer countries like Africa, Guatemala, Haiti, Burundi and Brazil. House girls in China, and stop child and woman abuse. Also to really spread Gods word throughout the world. My friends and teachers here at Cornerstone have placed in me, my faith in God, to help me through it. The courage , to speak out. The determination, to do it. The patience, to listen. Literacy and Grammar, to voice my opinions. The thoughtfulness, to care. And shown me the path to lead the world on.
Every single one of these graduates has a purpose and some dream. We have future pastors, a lawyer, and teachers. Many have yet to decide but we know it is Mrs. Mutch's passion that we become strong Christian leaders. I would like to challenge the graduates to go after your dreams and fulfill the purpose God has give you. Inspire those around you and keep God with you in everything you do.
So many people have contributed to help us see that. Each of these people have added to our character. Our teachers who have taught us so much, even when we didn't feel like learning, putting their own time aside to help us and taking a real interest in seeing us improve. Deb Simpson, for her help around the school and those great pictures of all the grads she took, got developed and gave us. Gary senior, he's an amazing guy and would do anything and everything for you. I have a funny story in which he was referred to as the "freaky janitor". Always in the hallway to tease us, and just being a goofy guy. We used to think he got payed every time he cut the grass, because he's always out there working. We made a great joke about it, but he means so much more to us than that. Mrs. Simpson for her fashion advice and her example in setting goals for yourself and meeting them. Our chapel speakers for teaching and encouraging us. Our parents for allowing us to be here and supporting us. Cornerstone is a private school and there is a tuition. Parents have put in extra hours and some work more than one job to pay school bills. Our parents love us so much and want the best for us. We love you guys so much and thank you with all of our hearts. And most of all God, for being there everyday and setting the true example.
We hope you would keep us in your thoughts and prayers, for continual guidande as we move on.


Mona said...

Ok Patti I'm crying.
Cheyenne is an amazing young lady and a born leader of truth.
I know in my heart your baby girl is going to change this world.
You are truly blessed parents with not one but two wonderful loving children.
And they give great hugs too

Amy said...

Lead baby Lead!! She is going to CHANGE THIS WORLD!!! (with her brother not far behind!)
well done!!!